Did you get put in charge of planning a bachelorette party and want to do something out of the ordinary?

Is a friend having a milestone birthday and you want to give her a party like  she’s never had before?

Is someone getting divorced and you want to cheer them up and welcome them       back to the dating world?

Or do you just want a fun girl’s night out?

Cloud 9 Parties is your answer for all of the above and a whole lot more. Plus, hostesses get great incentives and gifts and they don’t even really have to do anything except invite a few people they know who would love a little naughty fun.

But you aren’t limited to hosting a party at your house. Cloud 9 offers online parties as well as “Packet Parties”. You still get hosting incentives without having a bunch of people at your house. For those who’d rather be a guest than a hostess, these are both great options.

For more info about hosting one of our super fun parties, whether online or in-person, contact me at partiesbymrsj@gmail.comor check out the website at:

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