teacher-pin-up 1 Welcome to Cloud 9 Parties by Mrs. J!! When you visit this page, there are three things you can expect:

1) A little bit of sex ed. Interesting facts, things in the news you should know and ways to spice things up a little.

2) Information about specials, new products or products that just really rock you can find on my Cloud 9 Parties website.

3) Entertainment. Lets not pretend like I’m not trying to sell you a product or thirty, because we all know I am. Thing is, I am not Sexy Spice. I get all insane when my parents say anything remotely sexual (and by that I mean bra, boob, or penis) and scream for them to shut their filthy mouths. I’m also the girl who whispers *down there* when referring to our private parts. So, me describing sex toys or sex techniques is pretty damn funny as well as educational.

There are, of course, links to my Cloud 9 page, links to sign up to host a party and links to become a consultant, because, as I stated above, I’m marketing stuff here. But I’m also trying to educate, entertain and make sex a little hotter for everyone, especially those of us who’d rather nap than have to put out on any given day.

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